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Video: Alumni Metrics in the Digital Age

What makes a good alumni fundraising metric? Get the inside track on alumni metrics in the digital age in these highlights from my Keynote at Fresno State University in early 2019. Interested in your own Alumni Identity Score℠? Try it at:

Podcast: Do Target & Amazon know you better than your alma mater?

Higher education is decades behind private industry in using social psychology + data science to cultivate relationships. Listen in on this conversation for Tactics & Tools that can really make a difference in the everyday work of the modern Alumni Fundraiser.

Podcast: Fundraising is more Science than Art.

Enjoy this comprehensive conversation with Jay on the science of #AlumniIdentity. What are the implications for the art of fundraising? Which engagement strategies matter most in converting prospects to donors? How can alumni feelings of connection predict giving? Brought to you in partnership with Mongoose.


Curious about taking the first step in measuring and influencing #AlumniIdentity?

Gain new insights into who graduates are as persons and what an institution can do to influence the philanthropic inclination of alumni in this new eBook, published by 


Presented by, follow along with this brief overview of #AlumniIdentity. There are myths to be busted and new insights to be gained in higher education fundraising by looking carefully at what contributes to a graduate's own self-concept of who they are in relation to their alma mater. 


What's in store for advancement pros trying to build programs for the future? Listen in as Jay shares his thoughts on higher education fundraising and #AlumniIdentity on the Advancement Legends Podcast. 


Download and read the entirety of Jay's doctoral research on #AlumniIdentity, titled: Factors and Characteristics of Alumni Role Identity: Implications for Practice in Higher Education Fundraising and Alumni Relations.