They’re all alumni. How do you know who’s going to give?


Alumni Identity helps colleges and universities accelerate philanthropy by using social psychology + data science to identify ideal alumni donors.

Unlike consultants who dabble in your data, we’ve developed an independent quantitative measure of how deeply alumni associate their own self-identity with their alma mater. And when it comes to philanthropy, that’s a powerful thing.

Prospects with high levels of alumni identity are 10x more likely to become donors and volunteers for the institution.

Will your Alumni Identity Score predict your giving?


Professional Services

Whether you're a young advancement shop looking to grow or an established operation in Campaign mode, an identity assessment, fundraising model, and strategy can put you on the path to accelerating philanthropy at your institution. 

Identity Assessment

  • Field an Identity study of graduates/constituents with guaranteed responses from a statistically valid sample of participants

  • Collect feedback and customize study questionnaire to meet the needs of your institution

  • Deliver bespoke donor profiles + Identity Scores for low, moderate, and highly engaged alumni/constituents

  • Identify direct actions your institution can take to increase engagement and giving

  • 3-5 months from engagement to delivery

  • Optional on-site visit

tiered pricing based upon the size of your institution’s alumni/constituent base

Fundraising Model

  • Redefine annual giving segments to align with Identity study findings

  • Model top major giving prospects across all alumni using Identity Scores

  • Train advancement staff to re-balance major gift portfolios towards alumni/constituents with capacity who are most inclined to give

  • Project manage the integration of Identity data and methodology into your existing database and business practice

  • 2-3 months from engagement to delivery

  • 2 days on-site with your advancement team

an Identity Assessment
 is prerequisite for this service


Advancement Strategy 

  • In-depth analysis of inputs, outcomes, and outputs related to accelerating philanthropy at your institution

  • One-day seminar on strategy, best practice and contemporary approaches to 21st century engagement fundraising

  • Detailed final report with checklist recommendations and timeline

  • Custom engagement and fundraising metrics with an executive dashboard

  • 1-2 months from engagement to delivery

  • 3 days on-site with leadership and stakeholders

tiered pricing based upon the size of your institution’s advancement team

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Jay Le Roux Dillon, Ed.D. 

Dr. Jay Le Roux Dillon is an organization and identity consultant with 14 years of progressive leadership experience in higher education advancement. Jay’s research and consulting practice focus on broadening and measuring institutional value and impact among university alumni and non-profit constituents. He has served as Director of Alumni Engagement at the University of San Francisco and as Executive Director of Alumni Strategic Initiatives at UCLA.

Jay is dedicated to improving philanthropy through data science in order to bring social justice and equity to education and social causes. He holds a doctorate in organization & leadership from USF and a master's and bachelor's degree in music from UCLA.



Jay has served as a consultant and content partner to institutions and organizations large and small, including Brigham Young University, University of California, Berkeley, Salesforce.org, and EverTrue.

Jay’s presentation was fantastic. Exactly what we needed. The thoughts, expert advice and discussion were all very valuable for our staff and alumni leaders. The way he handled questions from a few of our participants was genius!
— Director of Alumni Relations, Brigham Young University (BYU)
Jay’s research and presentation poses great questions for the team as we look to refine how we engage with prospective alumni donors. It’s particularly timely as we prepare annual giving and engagement strategies for our comprehensive campaign.
— Executive Director, Annual Programs, UC Berkeley (Cal)
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